Rejected PPI Claims – Why You Might Still Have A Case

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When making mis-sold PPI claims, two possible outcomes are common to any application. You might be surprised to have a PPI claim rejected. Well, you might have missed something in your application or perhaps they could be the ones at fault. But first, you need to understand what determines whether a PPI was mis-sold or not. If you believe you fit into some of these categories, but you have a rejected claim, you have every reason to make an appeal. As a tip, you might be required to change the approach you used before.

Why you should make an appeal for a rejected PPI claim

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Anyone that is not in formal employment is not eligible for a PPI claim. It could be that you were self-employed, retired, or unemployed at the time. If you paid for PPI when you were not in employment and your claim has been rejected, you have a valid case. It is worth noting that one only qualifies for mis-sold PPI claims if they signed for PPI when not in employment.


Were you asked anything about your medical condition? If you had a pre-existing medical but you still paid for PPI, you are entitled to a claim. Why? This is attributed to the fact that most policies would not cover you for a medical condition you already had.

Were you given a choice?

There are instances where a lender or a credit provider made it clear that PPI was compulsory. If paying PPI was against your wish in any way, you might have a valid case. In case your claim application was rejected on these grounds, you have every reason to appeal against such a ruling.

You were not aware you had a PPI

ASdSDsdSDAcThere are thousands of people who paid for PPI without their knowledge. This practice is unethical and qualifies to be a case of mis-sold PPI. In case this subject was not made clear to you from the start, the chances are that it might have been mis-sold to you.

If you have your claims rejected in the past, you have no reason to lose hope. You can still make an appeal and receive your claims. As mentioned earlier, your success depends on how you go about this process. If you have had an unsuccessful application or you cannot afford to go through one, you should work with a reputable ppi claims company.